Farad Roof Box Review – 2019 – 2020

Farad F3 Black Extra Large 680 Litre Roof Box

Farad F3 Black Extra Large 680 litre Roof Box Review

Farad F3 Black Extra Large 680 Litre Roof BoxThe Farad F3 (CHECK THE LATEST PRICE NOW!) is a superb choice if you are looking to maximize your car storage, whether it’s for a holiday or to store your summer essentials. This 680 litre box is ideal for estate and SUV vehicles. The Farad F3 comes with a 5-year warranty and is able to carry up to 75kg without adding significant additional weight or noise to the vehicle. The roof box helpfully opens on both sides, which makes gaining access to the contents of your box a lot more convenient. When it comes to fitting the roof box, it requires a 2 team due to the size and weight, however as it comes with easy instructions it’s a quick job. For added security the roof box comes with central locking. The Farad F3 roof box itself is strong and sturdy, ensuring your contents remain safe and secure during your journey.

  • The Farad F3 is the biggest roof box on the market at the moment making it a great choice if you are planning a big trip
  • 5 year warranty guaranteeing your product lasts and if it doesn’t, its replaced
  • Central Locking system for additional safety and security
  • Dual side opening for easy access to your belongings
  • Comes with a handy sticker to remind the driver that there is a roof box on top, saving any nasty accidents

The Farad F3 is a great choice of roof box for someone looking to either increase the storage capacity of his or her car or someone planning a big road trip. It comes with a sticker reminding you of your added height to prevent any unwanted accidents.


Features: Biggest roof box on the market- 5-year warranty-Dual side opening- Central Locking system

Price: Higher end





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