Best Car Roof Boxes – Reviews Of 2019 – 2020

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For those who regularly travel with the family, especially those who enjoy camping trips, fitting your entire family’s luggage into your car can be a lot more difficult than first anticipated. This often causes a lot of problems, not to mention some very uncomfortable journeys.

If you have found that this is a problem for you, then it might be time to start thinking about investing in a car roof box. There are plenty of different models on the market right now, so choosing the right one to meet your needs can be quite difficult.

Because of this, we have decided to test and review some of the best car roof boxes on the market right now. If you are looking to buy a roof box, then please read on below to find out about our thoughts on some of our top choices.

5. Summit SUM – 840 Roof Box

Features: 320L Capacity – 50kg Maximum Load Capacity – 11.6kg Weight – Waterproof – Double Lock


  • Generous maximum load capacity of 50kg.
  • Easy to mount onto your car.
  • Very lightweight and low noise.


  • Quite a low capacity of only 320L.
  • Quite expensive for a roof box with such a low capacity.

The Review

First on our list of the best car roof boxes is this model from Summit. This is a fairly reputable brand in roof boxes, so we were eager to see if we could add one to our list. After thoroughly testing it, we decided that this model was a good fit. Although it does have its downsides, there are some things that we liked about it.

First of all, we were very impressed by how easy it was for us to mount the roof box onto the car. It took around an hour with two people with little to no fuss. We were also really pleased with how lightweight this particular roof box is. Despite it being very lightweight, the materials still feel very high quality.

We tested the noise levels at various speeds and found that even at high speeds on dual carriageways the roof box still produced minimal noise levels. Although there were plenty of positive aspects, there were a few negatives that are worth mentioning too.

Firstly, we felt that the capacity was a little small at only 320L. We were still able to fit quite a lot inside the box, but it probably wouldn’t be ideal for family traveling. For a couple, however, it is more than adequate. The only other downside is that we felt that this model was perhaps a little expensive for such a low capacity.

Although there are these downsides to consider, overall we felt that this Summit roof box was a great option for those who don’t require too much capacity and can afford to spend a little extra money.


4. Summit SUM – 843 Roof Box

Features: 530L Capacity – 75kg Maximum Capacity – 21.5kg – Waterproof – Triple Lock


  • Massive capacity of 530L which can store plenty.
  • Very generous maximum weight capacity of 75kg.
  • Very quiet, even at high speeds.


  • We had some difficulties with the lock with too much in the box.

The Review

Because we were fairly impressed with the previous Summit roof box that we tried, we also wanted to try one of their more expensive roof boxes and settled on the SUM-843. We have to say that we were really quite impressed with this one for a number of different reasons.

First of all, we were very pleased with the huge 530L capacity on offer with this roof box. We could fit plenty inside the box and felt that the amount of space available would be perfect for small families who are planning a short break away.

The maximum weight capacity of 75kg was plenty enough for us to store everything that we needed, without having to worry about getting anywhere near that weight. We were also really impressed with the very low noise levels, even when traveling at considerable speeds.

The only problem that we did have was with the triple lock. We found that if we didn’t pack everything very neatly or if we went even slightly over the capacity that the locks were very difficult to shut and required two of us to do so.

Other than this slight niggle, we were really impressed with this Summit roof box and felt that it definitely deserved a spot on our list of the best car roof boxes.


3. Thule 629601 Roof Box

Features: 500L Capacity – 50kg Maximum Load – 19.9kg – Double Lock


  • Very easy to install roof box.
  • Fairly large 500L capacity.
  • Low noise levels at high speeds.
  • Fairly lightweight roof box.


  • Quite an expensive roof box.

The Review

Thule are one of the most reputable car roof box brands in the country, so we definitely wanted to test out at least one of their models to see if it could be added to our list of the best car roof boxes. We have tested their models before and been very impressed, so we decided to test this one and were equally as impressed as we have been before.

The first positive feature of this roof box is the fact that it is very easy to install. It took two of us around an hour to get the box mounted onto the roof and put together properly so that it was ready to use. Next, we were impressed with the 500L capacity. We were able to store a lot more than we had expected.

As we have with all of the boxes that we tested, we put this model from Thule through its paces at multiple different speeds. We were very satisfied with the noise levels. They were low enough to not cause any problems at all. Finally, we liked how lightweight this model is.

Although there are plenty of positive aspects, we did feel that this Thule roof box is a little on the expensive side for something that is essentially quite basic. However, if you can afford to spend a little extra then this is one roof box that we would recommend.


2. Farad F3 Roof Box

Features: 680L Capacity – 75kg Maximum Load – 21kg – Waterproof – Double Lock


  • Massive load capacity of 680L.
  • Very stylish modern design.
  • Very easy to install this roof box.
  • Very quiet, even at motorway speeds.


  • The lock can be a little frustrating.

The Review

We hadn’t actually heard of the brand Farad before, so we weren’t sure what to expect with this roof box but we jumped at the opportunity to test it out because we wanted to see if it could be added to our list of the best car roof boxes. We were actually very surprised with the quality which is why it sits at number 2 on our list.

The first thing that immediately jumped out at us as a very positive aspect was the overall design of this roof box. It looks incredibly modern and stylish. Next, we took a closer look at the capacity. At 680L, this car roof box is absolutely perfect for larger families. We were able to store huge amounts.

Installing this car roof box was no trouble at all. Within a couple of hours we had it properly mounted and ready to be packed. As with the previous few models that we have tested, we were very impressed with the lack of wind noise even at motorway speeds.

The only real issue that we had with this Farad roof box is that the lock can be a little frustrating. We found it quite difficult to secure the box once we had filled it to capacity. However, with two people it can be closed quite easily. Overall, we were very happy with this one.


1. Thule Touring L-780 – The Best Choice

Features: 300L Capacity – 75kg Maximum Load – 15kg – Waterproof – Central Locking


  • Very lightweight car roof box.
  • Very stylish, sleek design.
  • Very low noise levels.


  • The capacity is quite small.

The Review

Out of all of the car roof boxes that we have tested and reviewed, the one that we have decided to add to the top of our list of the best car roof boxes is this model from Thule. There are several reasons as to why this is the case.

First of all, we loved the design of this one. It has been designed to be incredibly stylish and streamlined. It really does look great. The quality of the materials is fantastic and it has certainly been built to last a long time.

The noise levels, much like the previous boxes that we have reviewed are very low indeed, thanks to the streamline design. There were, of course, some downsides with this Thule roof box. The main issue that we had is that the capacity at 300L is quite small.

However, the quality of this roof box and the fact that it is so well designed is what made us want to put this one at the top of our list.

We hope that you now have a much better idea of the best car roof boxes on the market right now and you are able to choose the one that meets your needs perfectly.


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