Autoplas Roof Box Review – 2019 – 2020

Autoplas Large 415 litre Universal Car Top Mounted Roof Box

Autoplas Large 415 litre Roof Box Review

Autoplas Large 415 litre Universal Car Top Mounted Roof BoxThe Autoplas Roof Box (CHECK THE LATEST PRICE NOW!) is great for those on a budget but requiring additional storage for their vehicle. The Autoplas Roof Box capacity is roughly the equivalent to the large boot of a car. With a 415 litre capacity it comes with a sleek design ensuring wind resistance and reduced noise level, important when on long journeys. The Autoplas Roof Box comes with a UV stabilised casing which helps prevent the colour from fading. It helpfully is fitted with a hinge that holds the lid up whilst in use, allowing you to fill and remove the roof box with ease without the lid crashing onto your head. The Roof box comes with a fitting kit to easily assemble the box.

  • Made with High Density Polythene (HDPE) to hold up against all weather conditions and is UV stabilised to prevent colour fading
  • Comes with 2 locks and keys, enabling you to lock the box when you are away from the car
  • Fitted with a hinge to keep the lid up whilst you are loading, saving you time and effort
  • Stylishly and practically designed to reduce wind resistance and keep noise levels down.
  • Maximum load of 50kg

This is a great size for the price, coming with 2 locks, a specially coated material for protection from the elements and comes with a fitting kit making it easy to attach to your vehicle. The hinge is particularly useful if only one person is filling the roof box. The Autoplas Roof box does come with a fitting kit making it easy to attach it to your vehicle. The roof box fits easily and neatly onto roof bars.


Features: Double locks- “Click it” hinge- Fitting kit provided

Price: Affordable





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