Car Roof Box Buyers Guide

Car Roof Box Buying Guide

Roof boxes for cars have been huge in the US for a long time and still are. In the UK they are now starting to take off.

Being a nation who love to travel, UK has seen a nice growth in the sales of roof boxes over the past few years.

I have started this website to answer many questions when looking to purchase your very first roof box for your car. The good quality ones can be a few hundred pounds, and while you can certainly buy cheaper ones, it is probably not worth your time as they are cheaper for a reason.

In this guide I will aim to cover every aspect of the roof box and what features to look for and ultimately answer the question, what car roof box is right for me?

Roof boxes are perfect for camping holidays. A good camping trip requires all of the essential gear as well as the most important part of the trip; the people!

With a good sized roof box you will be able to store all of your camping gear safely freeing up a good amount of room inside the car for the passengers.

They are also ideal for road trips. Whether you are going on a trip down to the south coast or up to Scotland, you are sure to have more than enough room to store all of your personal belongings in the the roof box. The bonus here is you can even stop and camp for the night as you can even have the extra room to carry your outdoor gear.

If you are an avid gym-goer, you could even load it with a spare gym kit – so you never have an excuse not to go to the gym on your way…. anywhere!


Buying Tips For Car Roof Boxes

It is not only important, but also a necessity to check the maximum load allowed on your vehicle. You can usually find this information in your cars’ handbook.

Remember this is not an optional rule, if your car can only accept a maximum load of 40kg and your roof box is able to carry 50kg, this can lead to damaging the car or worse, play a part in injuring one of the passengers.

It is a health and safety issue more than anything else and important you check all aspects before making a purchasing decision.

It is also recommended to check and see if there is any other specific advice for your car and follow this.


Roof Bars

When buying roof boxes, one of the most common and crucial part of the equation that is almost always overlooked is roof bars. Without roof bars it just isn’t possible for us to securely attach a roof box to the car.

Roof bars are fixed onto the roof of your car (sorry for spelling out the obvious here!) on top of which the roof box is then securely fastened on.

Roof bars do need to be compatible with your vehicle. While you can find some good information on places like Amazon who do also sell roof bars, you should also consult the handbook for your car.

You can find some good roof bars available on Amazon here. Remember to check the compatibility with your vehicle.


Size Of The Roof Box

Roof boxes come in different shapes and sizes so it is important to bear in mind the dimensions of the box when buying one.

How tall are the items you plan on putting in the roof box? How wide are they? It is good to measure the items which you are most likely looking to put in the box and then look for boxes with more than enough space to carry these.

The last thing you want is to buy a roof box, have everything set for your departure to find a bag which you have packed is too tall or too wide to fit comfortably. Always be sure to do your homework before shopping.

While size of the box is important, another factor which goes hand-in-hand with size is the shape. What is the shape of the roof box which you are looking at? If it is too narrow at the front, then you can only take a certain amount of things which are wider and taller than others.

Half width roof boxes are a good idea if you are a keen biker. So half of the roof can carry your roof box and the other half your bike. If you do have a full width roof box, then there is always an option to mount the bike on the back of your car (depending on your car type as some cars will not allow this).


The Openings

Most roof boxes have a single opening which is fine for use within The UK. They usually open from the left hand side of the car so you are not in any danger if you happened to open the box whilst on a busy road.

If you are looking to travel abroad in your car, then it will be a good idea to check dual opening roof boxes.

As the name suggests, they open on either end with a pivot at the centre of the box.

These are very handy and when abroad you don’t have to put yourself in harms way just to get something out of the box.

If you have any questions on roof boxes that aren’t covered here, then please feel free to contact us.